Mobile Cleanroom

Traditional clean room facilities can often require high-cost, specialized maintenance and tend to generate high utilities costs. ISO Pods have extremely efficient to operate and to maintain. All maintenance can be carried out by our engineers on site under NDA.

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Innovation to suit your Cleanroom Needs

Portable Cleanroom

Single standalone unit or multiple units forming a village (facility).


Rigid structure, designed to withstand significant wind and snow loading and transportation by road and ship. 

External Weatherproofing skin formed using kingspan trapezoidal panels.


The single unit consists of a cleanroom, a personnel airlock (PAL), a materials airlock (MAL) and a technical area.

Key Features:

  • Qualified ISO 6/7/8 cleanroom facility
  • No Construction period on site
  • Self-contained, single-piece construction
  • Exterior clad with high strength, insulated panels
  • Option to install customer equipment prior to delivery and qualification
  • Cleanroom doors with vision panels, door seals, interlocks as standard
  • Entry and Exit personnel airlocks with gowning facility as standard
  • Fire Exit push panel, fire detection, communication system as standard
  • Bidirectional or unidirectional personnel flow
  • Zoned pressure control between rooms
  • Negative pressure options
  • Temperature control as standard

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The Mobile Cleanroom

Mobile Cleanroom

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